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Posted by on giu 3, 2014 in Excursions

Caserta and Cassino excursion

Caserta and Cassino excursion

The excursion foresees the visit of places very interesting for their historical profile:
In Caserta the main attraction is the 18th century Royal Palace designed by Vanvitelli for Carlo III of Borbone, to celebrate the European importance of the reign of Naples. Grand and splendid the setting of the water and the greenery of the park, one of the largest and most majestic classical buildings in Italy: thousands of rooms and halls splendidly decorated and made precious by marvellous silks of the Factory of San Leucio; a park with impressive spectacular effect:

On a perspective long 3 km there is a following of fish ponds, tubs and fountains which culminate in the Grand cascade that precipitates from 78 metres and which flanks a refined English garden.
The same waters set in action the silk factories of the Belvedere of San Leucio, an elegant construction that rises very close to the park of the Palace where still today silk requested to dress the most luxurious places in the world is produced. Leaving the Belvedere the road advances into the intense green of the oak trees after which appears before you the view of the Royal Palace and the park, with the Vesuvius in the background and you arrive at the antique Casa Hirta, or in other words, Casertavecchia, an integral medievel village worth walking through with its lanes and stone houses.

The itinerary can be integrated with a visit to the ‘Abbey of Monte Cassino’ situated on a hill 90 km from Caserta: founded in 529 by Saint Benedetto of Norcia, it has suffered during the course of its history, a series of destructions, ransacking, earthquakes and a consequent reconstruction. During the entire medieval period it was a lively centre of culture through its abbeys, its libraries, its archives, the schools for writers and illumination who transcribed and conserved many works of antiquity.

At the end of the XI century it was completely rebuilt in only 5 years and adorned with precious frescos and mosaics, having many mosaic workers and craftsmen come from Bisanzio.

Destroyed by an earthquake in 1349 and rebuilt again in 1366, the abbey assumed the typical aspect of a Neapolitan baroque monument in the XVI I century and in this shape it had reached us when in February 1944, during the early stages of the battle of Monte Cassino, a massive bombing of the allied forces, who suspected the presence of German divisions, destroyed it once again. Fortunately the archives and the most precious bibliographical documents had been put into a safe place. The reconstruction began immediately after the end of the war, and aimed to exactly reproduce the destroyed architecture.

Of great interest are the visits hack clash royale to the adjacent war cemeteries where about 30,000 soldiers are buried.

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